Sunday, June 29, 2014

'Egg Thieves'

I recently told someone that if left to my own devices, my drawings revolve around dragons, wizards, and knights. While this is largely correct, I also like to push myself. This is particularly true in the case of dragons. I love making new types of dragons, finding creative ways to make them look sinister, benevolent, crafty, and interesting.

In this drawing, made at work during breaks one day after making a commitment to myself to draw more, I explored the idea of egg thieves stealing a mother dragon's eggs, but not before some had hatched. I really enjoy the storytelling here. There are so many possibilities. In my opinion, a piece of artwork should be able to stand alone as much as stand with others of its kind. I revealed this sketch on Facebook, first. I wanted reactions, to see if others were drawn to its narrative. They were and it made me feel like this piece was a true success. Though there are things that definitely need to change here, the overall idea is present. After all, these sketches are just ideas to be edited and re-edited by me at some future date so I can redraw them and finish them.

Now, the next part in my two-part plan is to get to the point where I can have the time to take all these drawings to final paintings. For that I will need to leave my current day job at the art store completely. Until then, a painting now and again and a bunch of drawings will be the norm.

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