Saturday, May 31, 2014

'Flynn of Flann'

So, since we're on the topic of D&D, I'll post some concept pictures of a recent character, Flynn of Flann. He started as a cleric of Mielikki and ended up a rogue with a conscience. From knight to cutpurse, Flynn presented me with many possibilities, each one difficult to decide upon. However, in the end, I made my choice, and it has been fun ever since.

Originally Flynn was a European type of guy from a feudal society. Eventually he developed into a swarthy dwarf from a desert region. His heritage is inspired by Bedouin and Medieval Arabic culture. I love the way he eventually turned out.

Like a dwarf he likes to stick to his traditions. He has a way of doing things and watching his back that has kept him safe time and again. He doesn't like changing that routine. However, his more chaotic nature has made him opportunistic and lazy. He would rather show his skill in acquiring wealth without working for it than do an honest day's work. However, he is not above helping the less fortunate or the down-and-out. In fact, that is Flynn's weakness. He has seen the depravity of the streets, the scraping and clawing to get by. He has seen the rich snub the poor and the poor snub the poor.

Initially I pictured him with very dark skin and short hair (image below). However, I decided he needed to be more Middle-Eastern and, 'voila!' I had it (image at top).

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