Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hello, friends and followers!

I am issuing a formal apology for my lack of posting. In the past three months I have planned a wedding and been married, managed a move to Connecticut, and gone job hunting. Sketches were being drawn, art made, but at a fraction of the time I normally produce it. More will be coming, soon. My wife and I are settling into a new life in a new state, and I am finding myself with more of my time returned to me. More art coming shortly!



Now, just so I don't leave you completely empty-handed, some of my greatest artist inspirations. Enjoy!

Darell K. Sweet

N.C. Wyeth

Willy Pogany

 Maxfield Parrish

Time Hildebrandt

Keith Parkinson

Gervasio Gallardo

Virgil Finlay


  1. Best of luck Justin! I know you will do well in New England!

  2. Thank you, Christina. I appreciate that. I have a good feeling about this place.