Monday, October 7, 2013

Dwarven Gifts

The dwarves gathered outside the forge-hall to discuss the Master Smith's most recent accomplishment, a bright, flawless sword. The untested weapon hung brightly in the space between the smith's calloused open palms. It glittered lazily in the light of the torches. It was as if the very stars were contained within the blade's polished surface.

'Hm,' scrutinized the Steward. 'It is indeed great craftsmanship. What will you call it?'
'Call it?' Scoffed the smith. 'That is up to the King. He shall name it when it has proven itself in battle. The enemy further weakens the front gates every day. Sooner rather than later this blade will know battle, and it will sing of the prowess and greatness of our people and throw back our foes.'

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