Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Knights And Warhammers; And A Longing For Those Past

So, I have a thing for warhammers. Not sure exactly why, though I suspect exposure to the 'Dragonslayers' painting by Larry Elmore had something to do with it. The left sketch book page is a sampling of some ideas I was exploring while designing the weapon the knight on the right is carrying.

I miss the role playing game fantasy art of about about twenty years ago and earlier. The weapons were plausible and the armour functional. Granted, this is still the case in some instances today but, largely, the popular aesthetic is the big shoulder pad, gigantic weapon, etc. I feel at a loss sometimes because I cannot suspend my disbelief while viewing modern fantasy. I respect many artists that do the kind of work I am speaking of, and they are amazing. The large armour and weapons are just not my aesthetic. I miss Parkinson, and Darrell Sweet.


  1. I love your warhammers. Awesome! You should connect with my friend Mark Gilsdorf, a metalsmith here in Cincinnati, who might make such a thing.

  2. Thanks. It would be kinda trippy to see onee of these made into a real object. Metalsmithing is something I have always wanted to learn. My brother took a class once and said it was great. Thanks for the recommendation. Does this guy have a website?