Thursday, July 11, 2013

Painting Adventure

One of my favourite things, a thing I miss terribly in this new age of gaming and fantasy literature, is the feeling of 'adventure'. Ever since D&D 3.o was released, my love affair with gaming took a serious turn for the worse. Painters like Elmore and Parkinson, Easley, and (dare I say it) Clyde Caldwell were replaced by something darker. I could believe what I was seeing when it came to the early to mid years for D&D and other gaming products. There is something about this new 'World of Warcraft' mentality that instantly kills the mood for me. Big shoulder pads, power house characters, and weapons way to big for use all ruin my suspension of disbelief. These are all too much for my sensibilities. Maybe I am a traditionalist. Maybe I am too naive. But I will claim both eagerly. I don't want my fantasy irreverent and dark. I want it light, epic, and 'moody' in the right parts. I want balance, not 13 dwarves, a wizard and a hobbit riding a wooden bridge down the goblin-infested halls of Peter Jackson's mockery of a wonderful story.

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