Wednesday, July 24, 2013

At the Inn

Just a sketch, but an idea I would love to illustrate fully. Part of the mystique of role-playing and storytelling in general is the relationship between characters. What kinds of stories can you tell without being too literal? How can you represent relationships and character familiarity? My favourite images from the AD&D set were those that showed adventurers at tables inside inns or taverns, relaxed after a grand undertaking. I delight in trying to tell the story of each character through body language, costume, etc. Again, a rough start, but if I can get a strong 'feeling' for what is going on at this stage, I can conclude I am being a successful illustrator, a successful storyteller. So, enjoy and, until next time.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Morgandor

As promised, Morgandor with hammer studies. This guy is going to fun to play :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'Reluctant Adventurer'

Sometimes, you just don't want to walk into the mouth of doom, or even a scary cavern full of bats and other nasty critters. A skull or the bleached bones of various prior would-be heroes is enough to turn the blood cold in the veins of most brave adventurers.

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Dragons, More Dwarves

This first image began in an annoying sort of way. I was all settled down to go to sleep, the lights were off, I was under a nice, warm comforter, about to snuggle up to my fiance, when I saw this as I closed my eyes. I know from experience to draw this kind of thing down, while it's fresh. I cursed, leapt out of bed, grabbed the sketchbook, headed into the bathroom where I could sketch without bothering my fiance, and got the idea down.

This strange fellow is Morgandor, the brother of my most recently deceased Pathfinder character, Balon. I have another image of him I will upload later. Accompanying the next image will also be some warhammer studies.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Painting Adventure

One of my favourite things, a thing I miss terribly in this new age of gaming and fantasy literature, is the feeling of 'adventure'. Ever since D&D 3.o was released, my love affair with gaming took a serious turn for the worse. Painters like Elmore and Parkinson, Easley, and (dare I say it) Clyde Caldwell were replaced by something darker. I could believe what I was seeing when it came to the early to mid years for D&D and other gaming products. There is something about this new 'World of Warcraft' mentality that instantly kills the mood for me. Big shoulder pads, power house characters, and weapons way to big for use all ruin my suspension of disbelief. These are all too much for my sensibilities. Maybe I am a traditionalist. Maybe I am too naive. But I will claim both eagerly. I don't want my fantasy irreverent and dark. I want it light, epic, and 'moody' in the right parts. I want balance, not 13 dwarves, a wizard and a hobbit riding a wooden bridge down the goblin-infested halls of Peter Jackson's mockery of a wonderful story.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gelatinous Cubes

Well, after a long and harrowing battle with my fickle machine, I am back with some sketches. What's not to like about gelatinous cubes? They're ooey, and gooey, and will eat the flesh from your poor, adventurous bones so that some other curious adventurer can marvel over the magical loot you left behind. Warning! Please Keep Gelatinous Cubes Out Of Reach Of Curious Adventurers. Choking and Devouring Hazard!