Sunday, June 9, 2013

Necromancers and Process

One of the things I always do my best to capture, is a feeling. I just let my pencil wander along the page (which you can see in many places on both images) then pick out the shape and line relationships I find there. I do my best not to 'think too hard' and let the pencil do the talking. My heart speaks a language my waking mind cannot grasp completely, but somehow is translated through the drawing media. Almost like I am a silent observer watching the tale unfold, and every now and again putting in my two cents worth. It's so much fun to be surprised by my own drawings. Sometimes I get big ideas and put them down, as well. But I always allow the pencil, like a trusted wizardly advisor by the side of his king, tell me what he thinks. This essentially means there is never any artist's block.

Once I've made my 'notes' in my sketch book, I shoot my reference, tighten up the drawing where it needs it, then paint.

I've reached a point now where I will not stay with something I am dissatisfied with. If I do not like the 'feeling' of a drawing or painting, I will completely erase or destroy it, and start over, again and again, until I get what I want.

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