Thursday, June 6, 2013

Personal Gardens

Alright, so still on the topic of adventuring. This time, it is related to 'The Hobbit', or, more precisely, 'The Lord of the Rings'. What is Biblo's warning to Frodo, 'Be careful stepping outside your door, Frodo. You never know where you'll get swept off to.' or something like that. I like to think of this when I draw. I ask myself as much as possible, 'What would I like to see or experience in an adventure?' 'What would be terrifying and new?' I also think of the reason for the creation of the first 'Zelda' game. Everyone needs a personal garden, a place to explore with a child's wonder and uninhibited, pure delight. What would be amazing for you? What kinds of places would make you feel small and curious, exploratory? What kinds of places inspire in you awe and a desire for the mysterious and romantic?

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