Wednesday, June 5, 2013

'All we need is a little bait...'

The image that sold me on Dungeons and Dragons was the full page Larry Elmore painting, 'Dragonslayers', at the beginning of the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. As soon as I saw that painting, I knew I would love the game. I wanted to be a member of that motley crew. I wondered what their stories were, where they came from, how they all met one another. I can still look at that image for hours and wonder.

I feel an image should have that quality. It should transcend itself, becoming a thing greater than what it is. For me, an image should not answer a question bluntly, but should pose questions itself. What came before and what comes after? An image is just a starting point, a launch pad, a place of beginning. Physically, it is an end point, the culmination of an artist's current skill, aesthetic, and personal mythology. It is a launch pad for further imagery and ideas. The colour, composition, and elements comprising the image create the scaffolding from which the viewer suspends his ship of wonder. The inspiration and creativity of the audience prop
els that ship skyward to limitless possibilities. Sketches are girders helping the scaffolding to stand.

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