Wednesday, July 2, 2014

'Bronze Dragon'

I love Dungeons and Dragons. I love fantasy. When I was a kid I was really into comic books. But, one fateful day almost 2o years ago, I happened to catch a glimpse of a wizard drawn on paper and slipped into the front of a three ring binder being stuffed into a backpack from a locker. I asked my friend what it was. He said, 'Oh, this is my D&D binder. You should come by sometime and play with us.' And that was all she wrote. Aside from Spider-Man (which I eventually dropped, as well), I quit collecting comics altogether and began a passionate and dedicated love affair with Sword and Sorcery. I never looked back. And it has been a rewarding journey. Fantasy feels like home to me. I plan on traveling its whimsical paths for the remainder of my days.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

'Egg Thieves'

I recently told someone that if left to my own devices, my drawings revolve around dragons, wizards, and knights. While this is largely correct, I also like to push myself. This is particularly true in the case of dragons. I love making new types of dragons, finding creative ways to make them look sinister, benevolent, crafty, and interesting.

In this drawing, made at work during breaks one day after making a commitment to myself to draw more, I explored the idea of egg thieves stealing a mother dragon's eggs, but not before some had hatched. I really enjoy the storytelling here. There are so many possibilities. In my opinion, a piece of artwork should be able to stand alone as much as stand with others of its kind. I revealed this sketch on Facebook, first. I wanted reactions, to see if others were drawn to its narrative. They were and it made me feel like this piece was a true success. Though there are things that definitely need to change here, the overall idea is present. After all, these sketches are just ideas to be edited and re-edited by me at some future date so I can redraw them and finish them.

Now, the next part in my two-part plan is to get to the point where I can have the time to take all these drawings to final paintings. For that I will need to leave my current day job at the art store completely. Until then, a painting now and again and a bunch of drawings will be the norm.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

'Hydra Cave'

Hydra are interesting creatures. I always wanted to meet one in a D&D game, but never got the chance.

I imagine the shifting scales, dusty and heavy in the dark of a cave, uncoiling slowly, sunlight from some lost crevice adding enough illumination to reveal a bulky mass in the pitch night of the cavern. Now and again there is a dull glint off of hard scales; an irritable snapping jaw as one of the beast's many heads wakes another. Aegean soldiers, quiet save for the light creak of leather and the whisper of sandals on sand, steal into the lair, weapons drawn, shields ready, eyes searching the darkest corners for movement.

A soft breeze and the Aegeans are betrayed. Like lightning unleashed from the wrathful Lord of Olympus himself, reptilian heads erupt from the dark, quick, deadly, bringing death to the unlucky and the unwary.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Dragon Slayer'

Today's sketch is titled, 'Dragon Slayer.' I started this a couple days ago, not sure where I wanted it to head, but it took its own course and has supplied me with a cool idea for a painting at some future date. Also, this drawing will be up for sale for one week only on my Etsy site. Buy it and get a 4x6 print of your choice for free!

'Watch Your Back'

This is another one of my quick work drawings. I got a chance to flesh it out more at the end of the day. Just a quick thing to satisfy my need to draw. I'll have something more substantial this evening. But, for now, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


After a few days of debilitating back pain and a stomach flu, I'm back to posting. Giants are fun to draw. They can be misshapen, beautiful, fat, skinny, strong. Of particular interest to me are the Norse giants. I like drawing the deformed heads and gap-toothed maws, the bits and pieces that a giant might carry with him, pouches, skulls, cow and sheep bodies (maybe even horse and deer). It's a lot of fun. Not to mention the scale differences that can make putting a giant in context very amusing and awesome.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'Ladye and the Dragon'

Tonight's sketch is 'Ladye and the Dragon.' It's an homage to Larry Elmore and Keith Parkinson, as well as the other AD&D artists I grew up with.